The best women's lacrosse pockets take serious knowledge and experience to get strung properly. We constantly see other sites advertising pockets with the knots done backwards, sloppy sidewalls and improper pocket placement. Stringman is trusted by thesome of the best high school and collegiate programs in the nation to deliver the best pockets in women's lacrosse. The Rail Elite system we use is based on a flexible channel methodology that keeps the ball higher in the pocket but still has amazing shot power and a quick release.Advanced and elite level players use Lax.com because, for two decades, we understand just how important a proper, consistent, soft-feeling pocket can make in your game. Call us if you have any questions and we will put you on the phone with our master stringer who can answer any of your questions and guide you towards the right setup for your age, ability and position.


(your choice from below)

ECD Infinity: Included 7 different diamond shapes; larger diamonds found in the center to help create a natural sweet spot.

ECD Venom: Mesh Runner, creates a higher sweet spot, has a softer pocket, built for control.

Epoch 3-D Elite: Equipped with a Tri-Diamond technology that naturally tapers to help channel the ball to the sweet spot. Also reduces side rattle and provides advanced control.

STX Crux Pro: Varied diamond pattern, easy to break in. Weather weave formula leaves a waterproof coating.


(plus cost of mesh)

12D Custom Pro-Strung Goalie lacrosse pocket, professionally strung with your choice of mesh, offers the perfect balance of hold and passing ability. The pocket will come broken in and ready for play. Whatever mesh you choose will hold the pocket in any type of weather. Strung with a deep middle pocket, that will kill it on all your clears.