ECD $20

(plus cost of mesh)

ECD Hero 3.0 Mesh is the new and improved version of your favorite mesh. ECD Hero 3.0 takes all of the awesome features from Hero 2.0 and puts them under a microscope. This mesh is 10x more water repellent than its predecessor, as well as 27% lighter and has 10% more bagging resistance. If you like the Hero 2.0 your going to love the 3.0, and so do our Pros! The brand new Repel+ coating adds texture to the mesh and provides a 10x improved water repellency and Inner Core Weave technology increases the stability of the pocket while decreasing bagging. Textured LTH fibers provide a more enhanced feel for the ball while decreasing the overall weight of the mesh. ECD Hero 3.0 is one of our Pro's favorite and most recommended mesh, and is proudly made in the U.S.A.


PREMIER CUSTOM STRINGING is a one-on-one, personalized stringing experience unlike any other in lacrosse. You may think you know how to string a head, or a teammate does a pretty good job, but you will never unleash the true potential of your game unless you get a setup that is specifically dialed to your ability, playing style and position.When you purchase this service, our top stringer will call you to get all of your preferences, special requests, or offer advice if you would like it. If you have purchased this service and want to set up a special time/day to be called send an email to

You can pick any mesh, any colors and any setup that you want. So if you are ready to unleash the true potential of your game, and get the maximum shot power, control and accuracy out of your lacrosse head then PREMIER CUSTOM STRINGING is the only way you can have a real professional understand your needs and wants, and build a pocket that is truely customized for your game.


SK $20

(plus cost of mesh)

StringKing custom pockets come strung by our Pro's with premium Type 4 mesh. You can choose your mesh type, sidewall color, throw-string color, pocket placement and configuration. StringKing Type 4 mesh is designed with, Tri-Twist which weaves the mesh tighter than any previous elite level mesh. The Stringking Type 4 mesh increases hold, ball feel and control for players that want to feel a bit of a bag while cradling but want non-stretch performance while letting shots rip. There are three types of Type 4 Mesh. Type 4F is for face-off; Type 4S is semi-soft; Type 4X is semi-hard. Type 4 lacrosse mesh is responsive and has a slightly elastic feeling with a thinner construction on the outer rails. This centers the ball in the sweet spot and gives advanced players all the added control and feel they demand. Type 4 will improve shot speed and consistency with its tighter weave. StringKing Type 4 is the thinnest and lightest lacrosse mesh in the history of StringKing's high end mesh. Try a piece of this high performing mesh and elevate your game like the best of the best. **Custom stringing takes extra time. Expect an additional 1 - 3 business days for custom items to ship**